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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Bedroom Tree - Christmas All Around The House!

I love decorating for Christmas.  For the last eight or nine years, instead of a village, I have put up a tree in our Master Bedroom.  Not as big or full as the family tree, and not as many ornaments, but a pretty 4' tree. 
This one is done in all glass, gold and a soft white gold , with a few flower picks here and there for a little pop of color.
Two little glass hearts represent our love.
Glass ornaments. 
I love the gold in the cut glass!

Two of each ornament!
Love the large balls.

And my Nativity!
One of my two white with gold Santas

Waiting for the reindeer!
I've enjoyed dropping by to see all of your trees and ornaments, displays and wreaths.  It's great to see so many beautiful ideas around blogland and then come home and make it.  I love sharing what we do, family stories, little parts and pieces of history.  

I enjoy seeing what everyone is making, too!  So many of us have gone back to making our gifts.  We went to see our Doctor this week and one of the girls who has been with him for several years remarked how much they were all looking forward to my goodie plates.  Each year I bake hundreds of cookies, make tons of fudge and brownies, orange cranberry bread and arrange them on a festive Christmas plate and hand them out to all of the service people who help us throughout the year.  I didn't realize it meant so much to them until this year!

Thanks for stopping by to take a peak, I'll be by your blog to catch up on your pretties and goings on soon!

Blessings, and have a merry time,


  1. Oh Donna! Everything is so beautiful. I am in awe of your tree and each ornamant that you showcased. The Santas are stunning. I adore your nativity. It is just precious.

    I start my baking tonight. :)

  2. Another gorgeous tree. The gold ornaments are so elegant. I love the Santa too. Orange cranberry bread sounds so good right now. I need to go get some baking supplies.


  3. I love the two glass hearts! Your tree is the perfect size for a master bedroom. My kids each have trees in their rooms and oddly enough I didn't think of putting one in our room...after seeing ours, I might just put a small one in our master bedroom. :)

    PS. All those goodies you make and give is a very sweet and kind-hearted thing to do!
    Have a blessed weekend