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Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Long And Successful Weekend!

Wow, it seemed like this weekend flew by!  I don't know why, but the closer we get to the holidays the faster time seems to goes by!  Or is it just me?  I don't know, but I feel like taking a nap, and it's already Sunday night!  he he he!

I started out by going to garage sales for 4 hours!  We were exhausted, but, honestly - we would have gone on if we'd seen more out there or they stayed open later!  At first, we didn't find anything!  Nothing, nada, zip!  Then we were on a roll!!  Oh baby, oh baby - did we ever find some great items at great prices!
22" Lamps
These lamps were my first find of the day!  I needed a pair in my guest bedroom. Perfect with a little TLC. I'll will recover the shades with the material to match the drapes in the room.  One cord need replacing - easy peasy fix, and only $7 for the pair!  I'm teaching my friend how to banter and barter with folks for a better price.  She found a cute cabinet she wanted and it had a $10 price on it.  $3 was finally the price settled on for a 4', 4 shelf wooden cabinet for her bathroom.

This is so much fun!!  Onward ~ ~ ~

Crystal Cloche
I love this cloche, but the lady wouldn't part with it unless I would take both pieces which included a cake plate. The cloche is a beautiful crystal piece.  I have a plain glass cloche that will go with the plate.  Next, on to an Estate Sale! I love them because there are so many treasures, but sad to think they are someones memories.  Let's take a peak!!
Antique Baby Shoes
Lovin' old silverware!   


  1. Hi Donna,
    You got some nifty things garage saleing. It's always more fun when you find a few goodies.


  2. You got some great things!
    Wish I could have gone with you!
    My younger daughter and i love to go thrift store shopping.
    It is so much fun to find treasures at super prices!!!!!