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Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Spoonful Of Sugar

I received the most wonderful Christmas gift from a friend!  I had no idea when she showed it on her blog that it was actually under my tree when she had posted it (sneaky, huh?)  But, A Spoonful Of Sugar makes everything so wonderful!
And, look at this most beautiful of gifts!  I opened the envelope that was tucked under my tree with strict instructions "DON'T OPEN UNTIL DEC 25th!"  Yes, many of you will recognize the Spoonful of Sugar from our wonderul friend, Cindy Adkins.

Decoupaged on the inside of this spoon is a bundle of ribbon tied letters "from the heart" and dusted
with glitter.  It has pink seam binding and 5 small pink roses.  It is so beautiful!  The little card on the right has a photo of the Sacred Heart of Mary, (my name sake "Mary" in old Europe), and a medal of Our Lady of Lourdes (one of my favorite stories of visitations of the Blessed Mother) in France.

Also enclose in my gift is a Domino decoupaged with flowers tied with a pink ribbon laying atop a letter and envelope.  Down to the last intricate detail, everything is connected!  The metal tag on the chain spells out LIFE.  This little tag on the right is so true ~ "Life is Sweet" ~ so very, very sweet.

Thank you Cindy, from my heart I thank you for the kindness and love you have shown me.

I will display these beautiful items where everyone will see them when they visit my home and tell them about my sweet friend in Lousiana, and where I will see them every day for inspiration!



  1. Oh- Donna- How beautiful! I have been the lucky receipient of some of her wonderful creations, too. She is just too, too much. So talented and so giving. I just love her to bits- xo Diana

  2. How very beautiful! She is so talented and seems equally as sweet. What treasures. They couldn't have gone to a nicer person either!

  3. Oh Donna you are such a sweetie so what a precious gift for you.


  4. I love the intricacy of the pieces and, of course, the love it says to you! ~ Maureen

  5. So pretty. You are blessed. Cindy is so sweet and talented...always giving.
    Love to you,

  6. Hi Donna,
    Oh gosh, I didn't even see this post! How did I miss it? Now I know I was "out of it" for the past few days with this tooth pain. I couldn't wait 'til you opened this up and I knew you'd be surprised when you realized it was for YOU!!! Sending (((hugs))) your way,