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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tree Number Four and No More (This Year!)

Ohhh - here's a little tree I just love!  This is the first year for the Kitchen Nook Tree (this is the other half of my 2 for $4 trees I told you about!)  So, because it's right off the kitchen, I decided to make it look like baking goodies, fruit, apples,
Tree #4, I promise no more (til next year!!)         
yummy things!  Oh my, that gives me an entire year to look for, buy, bake or create ornament goodies of the baking kind!  Sounds like fun!  I bet I'll find a few things at after Christmas sales!  The best time to pick up those "needed" items!  Here are some cuties I already had who now have their own pretty little home!

So where shall we start - from bottom to top?  Does it matter really, we'll cook til we drop!  Our Snowmen here are making cakes, wine and cheese, and even a drumstick, no more turkey -  pah-leese!

Oh some flour for cookies, and pies, cakes and more!  Old Mother Goose says no trips to the store!

Good night dear friends, I've got more pictures to share, but my computer has a mind of it's own tonight and post the photos and words where ever it feels like it - so I'm in need of a good tutorial and be on the hunt in the morning!

Have fun with all you do, mostly, be safe, healthy, happy and warm!



  1. Adorable, Donna! The snowmen and Mother Goose are just precious.

  2. Donna, I love your kitchen nook tree! What a cute idea!
    Thought you would like to know you are one of the featured bloggers at site today.
    Have a beautiful day,

  3. Very cute! It looks like you have little chef ornaments? Are you making cooking ornaments as well? I bet this tree is a hit with the grandkids!

  4. Cute! That will be a fun tree to look for decorations for!!!