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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Time Has Come

For my little hummingbirds to fly south for the winter!  We enjoy our little feathered friends.  They arrived late, along with a late Spring, and now with freezing cold nights dipping down in to the teens and lower 20's it's time for them to migrate to South America!  We went . . .

from this

to this..

And, while I don't mind watching these little guys from my window when I'm on the inside and they are on the outside, this is not my idea of a welcomed visitor!  Thank goodness my Sweetie was home and caught the little bugger and put him outside!  I mean, I'm in the Christmas spirit and all, but on the night before Christmas this is one little creature I do not want stirring in the house!!!

And look how big he is!!  Nose to tail - he was T H I S    B I G.  About 4"!  But, that's pretty big when you figure it's right next to where I sit in my chair when I watch TV!  Just why is he coming through the fireplace? After all, our Dear Lord gave him a leather coat!

Merry Christmas to all God's creatures, big and small, feathered and not - may they all be blessed this wonderful season!


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  1. Ewwwwwwww yuck! Christmas or not, I'm with you!